Halfway There… Livin’ on a Prayer

Today my right leg is one inch longer, which means we’re halfway through with the lengthening phase! At this point I can feel and see the length I’ve gained over the past 27 days – and that is pretty cool!

There are three main things I battle day to day: pain, being uncomfortable and feeling nauseous. Although I do experience some level of each of those every day, they seem to be diminishing slowly. As time goes by, it’s also been easier for me to keep a positive attitude. I don’t think I’ve moped around at all in the past week or so!

(This is a 1 inch celebration cupcake!)

Now to the second part of the title of this entry! (I hope you get the Bon Jovi reference.) I know there are possibly thousands of people out there praying for me. Between family and friends and their churches and prayer groups, to FOX61 viewers and their churches and prayer groups – I believe I’m literally Livin’ on a Prayer! I hadn’t mentioned it until now, but the week before my surgery, (after I had announced my plans to everyone through social media) a real calming feeling came over me. For weeks and months I was having some real anxiety about the operation. I cried a lot, sometimes on the phone to family, other times in person to a friend and many times alone in my apartment. I was scared and nervous. I imagined I’d be a wreck my last week at work, but somehow I had the strength to get through. I could talk with co-workers about the procedure without crying, I planned and packed my bags with ease, I even felt good enough to talk about it on LIVE TV!

Check it out:


I really feel in my heart that once I made the announcement about my plans, people started praying for me and their prayers were answered! I felt at peace in my mind and in my soul about my decision and that made the final days leading up to surgery much more pleasant. Of course, I know the prayers continue to this day and I can still feel them coming in! I could never begin to express how much that means to me, especially all of the sweet notes of support I’ve received from viewers who’ve never even met me in person.

While I am 50 percent through with the stretching part, I’m not quite halfway yet to healing and walking normally. (I anticipate walking without support to begin in August.) With that being said, I can already tell you that this procedure was absolutely worth it. In my very first blog entry, I wrote that I thought my 43-year-old self would be happy to my 27-year-old self for sacrificing and having this surgery now. I can already see the results and the bright future ahead. I don’t need 16 more years to be thankful. I can already tell the pain is worth the gain!


Part of what keeps my spirits up is getting out of the house for a little. Of course, I need to be careful, but I’m capable of going out to eat or to a friend’s house on crutches. I can take a shopping trip in my wheelchair. On Sunday, I went to a very special dinner. My mother’s work, North Hills Community Outreach, was celebrating its 25th anniversary. My mom has been the Executive Director at the non-profit for 19 years. More than 300 people gathered at one of the nicest restaurants in Pittsburgh, The LeMont, to raise money and celebrate NHCO’s success.

(This is the view from the LeMont. I took this picture myself – from the dining room window.)

The organization has grown year after year to become one of the most successful non-profits in the city. It helps thousands of people in need in the North Hills of Pittsburgh, every year. So many people had such wonderful things to say about my mother and her leadership. It was special to be there and see how respected she is in our community and how much good she does for others.

(This is us at the end of the event. I like how the reflection of the chandeliers looks like fireworks.)


2 thoughts on “Halfway There… Livin’ on a Prayer

  1. Maybe those ARE fireworks. You know how much we love them in the ‘Burgh. Lol. ; )
    Glad you’re coming along.

  2. Dear Carly,
    We have looked forward to your postings and we’re thrilled to know that you’re half way to your goal. You are in our daily prayers and we look forward to seeing you in the fall.
    We’re very proud of you and so grateful to your family and your doctors for making this all happen for you.
    Ed and Mary Ann Shuey

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