Happy Mother’s Day

I’m so blessed to have the mother God gave me.

I certainly have been thankful for her for a long time, but going through this ordeal has reminded me what a remarkable and loving woman she is. There’s nothing like knowing your mom will support you before, during and after a tough decision.

Thank you for the big things… and the little things, mom.

Will and I love you very much!

Giving thanks for her today, as well as my grandmothers – who helped shape both of my parents into the people they are.

Happy Mother’s Day!

 This is my mother’s mother Grandma Vivi. (I’m not sure what we’re doing here, but it seems pretty silly!) She died of breast cancer when I was in 2nd grade. She was a wonderful grandmother and a great mom to my mom! I remember her today.

Below is my dad’s mother Grandma Arlene. This picture was taken when she and my Papa were visiting my family in Toledo, Ohio, where we lived at the time. She had a stroke in the car on the trip home. I don’t think I was quite two yet when she died. I don’t remember her and that saddens me. She’s the only grandparent I can’t remember, but I know she and my dad were close. He’s the best and has told me stories about her. I’m thankful she was a good mother to my dad and I’m thinking of her today.


6 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Loved seeing the pictures, they bring back lots of memories. Both your Grandma’s would have been so proud of you. Give your mom a hug from us and tell her Happy Mother’s Day.

  2. Hi Carly,

    I continue to enjoy your postings and am glad to see milestones passing by. I especially enjoyed this posting where you mention your Grandma Arlene. I am saddened to think about you not remembering her and her not getting to share in your life all these years but unfortunately these are sometimes just the facts of life that we must live with.

    She is one of my all time favorite people! I was very fortunate to have had her in my life from the time I turned 3 until she passed away so prematurely. You would probably be surprised to know how often I think of her with fondness even these many years since she died. My Mom and her were best friends and my Mom also brings her up in conversation on a regular basis. My Mom talks about their good times together and how much she misses her. In those days when few women worked the mothers in the neighborhood often spent countless days together and formed very tight bonds.

    I had moved back into our old family house on Dunbar next door to your grandparents and was living there when you were born. One day your Grandma Arlene called out to me while I was outside in the yard to come to her dining room window. She told me that you were born. She radiated pure happiness! I’m glad that your Dad still talks to you about her. Looking at you, and seeing what a special person you have become, it’s as if she was still around providing you with the excellent role model that she was. I think some of your “specialness” comes from your Grandma Arlene!

    Keep getting better!

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