… it’s over?

They say writers feel more inspired when they’re conflicted, so I guess the fact that I haven’t written anything in several months could be a good thing.

For a while, there wasn’t much to update. Since I did my last lengthening in July, I was just waiting… and waiting… and waiting… and waiting for my bone to heal and to get off of the crutches. I was just going to work and doing everyday things, only with my little buddy – the crutch. A new year rolled around and I still wasn’t back to normal. Crutches became part of my life and began to feel like an extension of myself. But then in February, after what felt like my 976th x-ray, I got the okay from my doctor to ditch the crutch and walk on my own.

At first I was obviously very weak. It took about a month to figure out my new gait and for my foot and knee to get used to what was happening. But for the past several weeks I’ve been walking pretty normally and even working out again on the elliptical.

I feel like maybe I was putting off a last blog post because I’m not sure how to sum up this experience. It was very long and very difficult at times, but now 13 months later I’m happy with the results.

A year was going to go by whether I did anything about my short leg or not. Looking back on this past year, it was a good time to do it and get it over with once and for all!

My right leg is still a tad shorter than my left and will be forever. But it’s such a small discrepancy compared to what I had my whole life – that’s okay. I don’t have to wear a lift on my shoe, but can wear a small insert to boost me up a little in shoes where that works.

I’m very grateful to the friends and family who supported me and gave encouraging words when I needed it most!

I’m looking forward to where life takes me on the next leg of the journey… and now I can make my way there a little more evenly!