Isn’t it ironic…

It’s like rain on your wedding day, it’s a free ride when you already paid, it’s like when you get an epidural after major surgery and it only works on the leg that was NOT operated on. That last line is not so catchy, but it’s what happened to me.

Back on Tuesday, we entered the hospital for surgery around 9:30 a.m. They took me back to my pre-surgery room pretty quickly – about 10 a.m. I got my IV shortly after and my parents were allowed to come back to the private waiting room with me – where we waited and waited. Luckily for me, my parents had just bought me an iPhone the night before. (Instead of a push present it was more like a grow gift.) So I was pretty entertained for a while. My mother ended up telling my dad the whole story of the Hunger Games. Not the trilogy, but the first book – in great detail. My surgery was scheduled for 11 a.m., but that time came and went. We were told it would probably be another hour. I began updating my Twitter account with pictures and texting some friends. Finally around 1 o’clock, my surgeon came in and said he was finished with his first operation of the day and they would take me back in about 30 minutes. He had me sign a paper and that meant I could finally get some calming drugs. They put it in my IV and I began laughing immediately. I was taken back for surgery at about 1:30.

 My mom and dad sitting with me before surgery.

The last thing I remember before going completely under was getting the epidural. It hurt and felt pretty weird. It was two pokes in my spine and a long thin thing being shoved up underneath my skin. I thought I would pass out but I just kept thinking – this will be worth it.

The next thing I know, someone’s calling my name as I’m being wheeled in a bed down a hallway. “Carly, Carly. How do you feel?” “It hurts,” I say. “I can feel my legs! I thought I wasn’t supposed to feel them! It hurts!” When they got me into a recovery room they began testing my legs with ice. We soon discovered my left leg was completely numb, but I could feel everything in my right leg. My right leg is the one they had just operated on. “How could this happen? Please give me something else.” It took about 10 minutes of sitting with excruciating pain, but they just kept pumping more drugs into me until it was tolerable. That was the most pain I’ve been in since the surgery. They say sometimes that can happen with epidurals. If it’s placed just a hair one way, it can go more to one side. This whole time my left leg has been completely numb while my right leg has gotten up to about 25% numb, but that’s it. They give me other drugs though which help and knock me out. Right when I woke up, my pain was probably at a 9, but since then it’s fluctuated between a 3 and 7. It’s been tolerable. But seriously?! Pretty upsetting it happened that way. What are the chances?

The funniest thing that’s happened I think is that after they gave me some medicine, I fell asleep with an egg salad sandwich in my mouth. Made me laugh, anyway.

Dr. H says he is extremely pleased with the surgery. He says I have a very strong bone, and he was even able to place the device in at the top of my leg around my hip. (This is where most people get theirs inserted, but he thought that part of my bone was too thin and he would have to place it in at my knee – which could have potentially caused some trouble for my knee.)

I still haven’t moved very much. Wednesday, the physical therapists made me get out of the bed and sit in a chair. I cried a bunch, but then they gave me some more medicine and I calmed down. They moved me into a chair again today and I did a little better.

 This is what my legs look like right now.

One thing’s for sure, I definitely feel a lot less pain and more comfortable than when I did this 16 years ago and for that I am very thankful. Right now, being nauseous is almost bothering me more than the pain.

Also, having this new iPhone has been great because many friends and family have texted, called, Facetimed, Facebooked and Tweeted me so that’s very nice and keeping me busy!

I’m still in a weird state where I’m falling asleep a lot and have  no real concept of time. My sweet parents are helping me a lot. I hope this entry makes sense because I wrote it in between about six different naps. I’ll continue to write when I can.


21 thoughts on “Isn’t it ironic…

  1. Dear sweet Carly (Flynn) for your Mom lol

    Thank you for being your special sweet self. This journey is an eye-opener for all of us. Thanks for bringing us all along with you. You are one special lady! Praying for you.

  2. Flynn I am so sorry to hear about that epidural mess… that’s terrible! Hopefully that is the worst thing you experience and things only improve from here on out. I’m glad you have some things to tinker with and keep you busy. Keep smiling… and if you stop smiling… ask them for more pain meds!! 🙂

  3. Carly, you are in our thoughts and prayers. Marty and I saw your precious Macon and Blazer this am. They are doing well and being overindulged by Natalie with lots of treats!!! Take it easy and we look forward to seeing you soon!

  4. CMO, your blog post makes me cry a little. I am such an emotional fool. Glad you’re starting to feel better. When I had my knee surgery I had a similar experience with my epidural as well… though your story is way worse b/c I just had an arthroscopic surgery. I left a post on your fb page, so I hope to hear from you sometime in the future. Love and prayers coming your way from good ole Central GA!

  5. God bless you and I hope and pray you have a speedy recovery. Hope you will have a leg up and a jump on thing lol. Pardon the bad joke. You are very brave and I wish you the very best. Psalm 23 is my favorite chapter comes to mind for comfort. Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. God bless see you soon on TV.

  6. I so much enjoy keeping up with your journey. You are just doing wonderful. So glad you have the new phone, know that helps. You can do so much with them. Maura has had hers a few years and loves it. Rest, sleep, write and recover.

  7. Wow Carly, you are a trooper! I had a similar procedure on my jaw and it wasn’t near as invasive as what you are currently going through. I can’t even imagine the pain you are experiencing. I’m very excited for you! I’ll keep you in my prayers 🙂

  8. Hello carly I sent you a message on facebook yesterdey. Not sure if you read it but just saying we miss you down here. when we watch fox 61 @ 10 we miss seeing you. Please get well soon we love you down here.

  9. Thanks so much for sharing your story. My daughter has had the limb lengthing surgery twice. Dr. David Bruce performed both of her surgeries. She is now 18. She had it on her lower leg and upper leg. Her problem stemmed from menengitous when she was 2. and her leg quit growing. She is now 4’11” and getting ready to attend UTC this Fall. She now attends Ringgold High. I know from her experience the pain and toughness you have. I wish you all the luck in the world and will pray for a speedy recovery. Thanks.

  10. I just read your blog…. wow is all I can say! You are a brave soul! I too am a bit “different”. I have CP and one leg is always shorter than the other because my hip always “slips” and I have put inserts in my shoes to help with this. But…. my life is so wonderful and I am so blessed just as you are! I am happily married with two awesome kids ages three and four. I NEVER let my CP stop me from anything and I am so glad you never stopped either. I will keep you in my prayers. You are am inspiration to others for sure!
    Thanks for sharing your story.

    Amy P.

  11. I am a big fan of u on FOX 61 News
    I too am in Erlanger recovering from a right foot amputee…. Hope our recoveries go well

  12. Flynnifer (lolol) You are an amazing young women in the midst of an amazing journey. Keep the faith. Stay strong in the Lord and YOU GO GIRL!!!! Thanks for sharing your story. You’re writing is fabulous. Much love and prayers for healing.

  13. Hi Carly (Flynn), Hang in there girl. Glad things are getting better for you. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Your blog if wonderful. What an amazing writer you have become. No wonder your parents are so proud of you. Blessings,

  14. Hi Flynn! I just discovered that you’re keeping a blog about this experience. Your writing is wonderful! I’m so glad your surgery went well an dI hope I’ll see you in the ‘Burgh. Just so you know you’re not alone, the one-sided epidural thing happened to me when i gave birth to Beau. Except instead of it hurting the bejeezus out of my leg, it was my, you know. Not awesome either. xoxo

  15. Carly, I hope you will remember me from years ago. You were one of my favorites then and I have been keeping up a little with your successes through friends of your family’s. This has been a most interesting blog to follow and to know it is you , the recipient, makes it so much more interesting. Anyway, just wanting to say “Hi.” to a very special young lady and wanting to let you know that I am still thinking fondly of you. And to think that this has nothing at all to do with math. Best wishes in your recovery and continued success in your life. Jim

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